Copenhagen (Day)

I flew directly from Trondheim to Copenhagen, my first flight after a lot of trains. I think my taxi from the hotel to the airport cost more than the flight, the flight wasn’t cheap, but the taxi was exorbitant.

I got a train from the airport to a station close to the hotel and walked the rest of the way. It is a lot easier to wheel a suitcase along streets that aren’t covered in snow. It was not warm, but it was a lot warmer than snow-covered Norway.

Dinner on the first night was a ramen place just over the road from the hotel. I got crispy chicken and a bowl of ramen, I think with a drink it would have been close to $50AUD.

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Going for a drive

I am not sure why, but for some reason there were basically no rental cars available in Trondheim. I rang at least 3 places who all said they were booked out before getting a call back from the rental place attached to the hotel I was staying at. They managed to find me a car as long as I was able to pick up and return it on the same day. Not a problem, I just want to go out and back in a day.

My drive for the day
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Which camera?

I’ve had this blog post in my head for a little while. I have a bunch of different cameras that are great in different scenarios. I don’t think any of them are ‘better’ than any other, they are all different. They have different capabilities. Some are better at sports, some are better in low light. Some weigh over a kilogram, some fit in a pocket.

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Uppsala, Sweden

My first day in Sweden was a trip out of Stockholm to Uppsala, a university town to the north. I had breakfast in the hotel, where I found a waffle maker, which was a game changer for the carbohydrate breakfast course.

Make your own waffle!
Make your own waffle!

After breakfast I walked to the local train station and got a metro a couple of stops towards Central Station where I bought a regional ticket to Uppsala. If I had planned slightly better I might have used my Eurail Pass for the day trip, and bought a single ticket for another leg of my journey.

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