4̶5 December 2021 – It’s been a while

I know it’s cliche to say that is has been a while, nearly 18 months or so, since I did one of these. Good news, I have written some other blog posts over the last while, but not one of these. I also took the time to go over why I can’t decide which camera I like the most.


This year I have managed to take some photos, and am still very much enjoying it. Despite everything I managed to get to the NT in May for just over a week. I still don’t know how we managed it between all the lock downs. That was of course fantastic for photography – I really should write a post about that soon …

Photos from the NT
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16 Dec 2018

What photos have I taken?

I haven’t ventured out to purposefully take many photos this week, but the sunset early did warrant me getting my camera out and standing in the driveway. 

I’m glad I bought the Sony RX100 VI for my next trip. Having a 200mm lens in your pocket is brilliant. I think this is what makes the camera more flexible than any other aspect.

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