Everything is cheap, but no one has any change!

Everything is cheap in India, and I mean really cheap. A 20min taxi ride is around $4. Food is dirty cheap, except if it is imported. Even meat is cheap. Mutton kebabs were only about $1. Even 3G mobile data is cheap. One telecoms company advertises unlimited 3G data for Rs. 250, about $5! Anything that needs to be imported is more expensive, but not above what it is anywhere else.

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Day 6 India – #Canberra connection to #Lucknow

Day 6 was a quite affair. We went to a local church in the morning where Howard and my Dad planned to meet some other staff form Woodstock. They didn’t make it, but we did meet someone who’s grandson was currently in Woodstock. The service was based on a Church of England form including the little book. Everything was very structured and done by the book. They have two services each Sunday, one in English and then a second in Hindi which is slightly more lively and includes the use of a drum kit, something sadly lacking in the first. I did think I was going to go through the seat when I sat down, and had to perch on a leg of the pew.

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