It’s Alive!

I am no longer carrying around a 1.3KG (stylish) paper weight in the backpack. The MacBook Air is back, and no thanks to Apple, well a little, but I still hate them.

On returning to Finland I set off to try and find the Apple (non-official ‘Retail’) store. Between the hotel and the shopping centre I actually passed two Apple service centres, one was closed until late July. I forged on towards the one I had checked out online. They told me they couldn’t help, but told me where to find their chain’s service centre, just a block over. So I set off and managed to find it fairly quickly. I explained my predicament, and showed them the laptop. They understood the issue, but weren’t able to help.

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Who said iPads were productive?

So the laptop wont boot/stay operational for more than 30 seconds. Much Googling and attempts to do a verify disk on the SSD resulted in nothing. Even Single User Mode crapped out. Either the SSD or the logic board (motherboard – stupid Apple and their special names…) are dead. The SSD even disappeared from Finder and the Disk Utility. I was concerned and alert, but not alarmed, no I was franking out. I have two tablets on this trip, and one of them has a magical cable that can connect an SD card to it to import photos. So it can still go through some JPGs from my Pentax Q. But I couldn’t process any DNG files from my DSLR.
After about 30min of serious frustration, I went down stairs to start Googling the location of an Apple Retail store in Helsinki. There isn’t one. Plus side – I wouldn’t have to speak to a Genius and explain why I have an über fast, larger and non-functional after-market SSD in my laptop. I started checking the prices of a new laptop in €. Wow. Nearly $700 more than Australia by the time I spec it out to what I need. Not really an option.
Ok, back to Plan B. iPad. These things are magically devices that do stuff right? I can get some DNG processing software – not really. I can still write stuff with it – kind of. Did you know it is really hard to center (misspelled for HTML tags) an image in the WordPress app? Get two images on a row using a table? Nope, that’s not gone well. Whoever said you can be productive on a tablet mustn’t be very productive on a laptop. Also, DNG, I really want to process my photos.

Day 1 – Iceland – I knew that was a Thorn!

After about 12 hours (of well needed) sleep we both woke up well before breakfast was to be served in the hotel so we headed off for a wander down to the front. The sun was bright and warm, but I very quickly regretted not grabbing my jacket, the wind off the ocean was freezing. A couple of locals out for a morning jog said hello as they passed while we did the tourist thing and took photos of nothing in particular.

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Day 0 – Singapore Helsinki Copenhagen Reykjavik

Iceland is about as far from Melbourne as you can get.

Today/yesterday/a week last Tuesday started early, 5AM early. After getting the bags into the car we headed off to the airport. I was supposed to fly into Melbourne today, but the flight to Singapore had been bumped up by 3 hours so I came down a 12hrs earlier. At least it was a good run in to the airport, until we hit the airport exit. Took 15min to crawl the last 1km to the terminal.
We quickly checked in and head to the Qantas lounge – a perk of flying with Dad. Eggs for breakfast and a quick top up on my phone battery.

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