Train to Trondheim

It was a fairly early start again. I dragged my suitcase through the snow to the train station. The train from Oslo to Trondheim wasn’t as long as the one I caught in to Oslo, it was only three carriages long.

Travelling through Norway on a train in winter is a wonderful thing

The trip is a little over 7 hours, with a few stops along the way at some small, regional stations. Staring out the window at the snow-covered landscape was a fantastic way to pass the time, while also editing photos.

I got off the train in Trondheim and tried to work out exactly how far it was from the station to the hotel. It was an awkward distance, too far to easily trudge through the snow with luggage, too close to justify a taxi.

I trudged.

Back end of the hotel

For dinner that evening I wandered around to a small shopping centre and found a super market. They didn’t have the same make your own salad bowl, but I got some pre-packed salad and a sandwich and took it back to the hotel.

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