Helsinki, 2019

After Thailand, and before I went north to Oulu, I had a few days in Helsinki. I had visited Helsinki back in 2013 when I travelled around Finland and Norway with my dad.

Early morning in Helsinki

My body was still mostly on Thai time, I used this to my advantage by heading down to breakfast as soon was it was open. I wasn’t the only one who was up that early. A local was in the lift going to the restaurant when I got in. Respecting Finnish tradition neither of us said anything and scarcely acknowledged each other. I appreciate how the Finns enjoy their solitude and in what is seen as being extremely polite completely ignore you in an effort to not bother you.

When travelling alone I will go and get a drink at breakfast and use it to ‘reserve’ a seat while I get the rest of my food.

iPad powered juice taps were popular at many hotels this trip.

I put glass of iPad-enabled Juice down at a table and went back for food, ony to see in an almost empty restaurant the Finn from the lift had sat right next to where I left my glass.


Between courses the Finn politely moved tables to a more appropriate location, across the other side of the nearly empty restaurant.

My introduction to Karelian pasty

After breakfast I headed out for a walk around Helsinki, dressed appropriately in my full winter gear. My ankle was still not 100%, but I had come a long way from Australia and I wasn’t going to sit the hotel room all day, and I had a brace on my ankle, so that would be good enough, right? Right.

It was cold. Senate Square with Helsinki Cathedral in the background.

I managed to find a proper coffee shop for morning tea. Unsurprisingly it was not far from the university and was staffed by baristas that would not have looked out of place in Melbourne.

Helsinki walk with a rather sore ankle.

That afternoon I set out on an adventure to what would turn out to be my new favourite Finnish shop, in an effort to get a DJI Osmo Pocket.

Tram door
I’m on a tram.

I followed Google map directions that told me to take a tram out towards the wharf where the ferries left for Tallinn. I found a bug in Google Maps. I doesn’t like back tracking in directions, so it told me to get off at the last stop before the shop, but the next stop, that was past the shop, was significantly closer.

Sunset, 4pm.

Back in the hotel I settled down to watch some Luther on the TV, after working out how to get my laptop hooked up to the HDMI port.

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