3 March 2019

I’ve now been back at work for two weeks, and I’ve been catching the bus each day. It isn’t the worst thing in the world, and I’ve even managed to coordinate getting to the physio in Belconnen.


I haven’t taken any new photos this week. Just haven’t had the chance so far. I plan on taking some later this coming week at Enlighten, but for now I am still going through Europe photos.

I did upload three new photos to Displate, and they were all approved ?

Three new approved pieces of art on Dispalte

I also ordered three new Displate prints for myself.

What have I been watching?

Last weekend I binged all of Umbrella Academy in two days. It’s good, very good. The characters are good, the action is good, the story isn’t actually too bad. The music is also perfect, as is this scene:

It’s hard to say who is the best, it’s Klaus. Of course it’s Klaus. In the first couple of episodes he comes across as vapid, but over the series it becomes clear he is more complicated, and his behaviour has a genuine purpose #spoilers.

There were a couple of plot points that everyone knew were coming, but the journey was still very enjoyable.

Not that I have ever cosplayed, but if I was going to, I could totally pull off being Hazel.

Netflix GIF by The Umbrella Academy - Find & Share on GIPHY

Star Trek Discovery is back on form. The last two episodes have actually been good, the most recent in particular. I think I was annoyed with what they did with a couple of the characters early in the season, but it is all back on track now.

The Orville, the counterpoint to Discovery. ‘Boring Star Trek’ with stand alone episodes. This has been good this season again, and I am just happy to have both of them to watch.

The only concern I do have is that The Orville is getting really close to Star Trek now, with their version of the Borg who are just the Borg with circles instead of cubes #spoilers, but then someone mentions the pee corner, the corner where they all agreed to pee when they were being held hostage without toilets, and it isn’t Star Trek anymore.

I think they are walking the line between being a complete rip off, and a reimagining perfectly.

They’ve also rolled out some impress action and visual effects this season.

What have I been listening to?

Podcasts, lots of podcasts. Catching the bus to work every day has given me time to listen to a bunch of podcasts, but I still seem to subscribe to too many. I’m back to almost daily listens to DTNS / Daily Tech News Show, getting value from my Patreon contribution.

What have I been playing?

Still the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Last week I played Mario Party at Will’s place. The 4 year old teamed up, and we won, though it was not without tears.

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