17 February 2019

I got back from my trip earlier this week, but I don’t go back until Monday. I haven’t been up to much this week, still gettin over a chest infection and food poisoning.

I have managed to move my jetlag affected wake up time from 4AM to 6AM, so that’s nice.

In efforts to ease my way back into work after nearly two months off I’ve caught up with friends to catch up on all the goings ons, and found my new desk.

What photos have I taken?

I haven’t taken any photos since getting back, but I have started to go through more of my photos from my trip. I spent some time editing together some of my drone footage from Finland.

What have I been watching?

!! SPOILERS for Star Trek Discovery !!

I’ve caught up on Star Trek Discovery. This season they seem to be relying on spectacular action sequences over actual plot or dialogue, which may be a little harsh, but it’s where they are going.

There is a bad TV trope where gay characters are killed off, bury your gays. In the first season the only major established character to be killed off (brutally) was Hugh. The death did fit in the story arc, but it still felt rough.

In the last episode they managed to bring back Hugh. On one hand, this is nice. He was a good character, the relationship with Stamets was good. But if they can bring back characters like this it just cheapens what happened in the first season.

My other favourite Netflix show this week has been Russian Doll. A genuinely original take on Groundhog Day. Very binegable.

Natasha Lyonne Drinking GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

Since finishing of Community I’ve moved onto Scrubs as my go to evening wind down TV show. When I started the first episode the first thing I noticed was it was in a 4:3 ratio. It’s older than I remember.

It’s a good show, that can be very poignant at times, but being older than I remember, a bunch of the jokes probably wouldn’t make it into a TV show being made today.

Yeah, you probably wouldn’t make the same jokes today.

What have I been listening to?

A new limited run podcast popped up this week, 0G (Zero G). A podcast about the last generation of phones before the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, which changed everything. While it is focused on the US, where phones and networks work differently to the rest of the world, it’s been a very interesting.

A phone with two screens and stereo speakers? Please, that is so 15 years ago.

What have I been playing?

More Super Smash Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe – the latest 2D Mario platformer on the Switch, which is close to a remaster of the game on the Wii U. But Nintendo being Nintendo, I’ll keep paying for games I already own, because Nintendo.

5 Replies to “17 February 2019”

  1. Sorry to read about your chest infection. I hope you get over the jet lag as quickly as possible. At least home is warmer than Finland in winter.
    I’ve also been watching some TOS and TAS and it’s helped me appreciate DISCO a bit more. I think TNG onwards (as well as ENT) got Trek lovers into a more intellectual bent and there wasn’t the same fantasy like we saw in TOS.
    What worries me about DISCO is the amount of lens flare. I don’t want to head into JJ territory…

    1. I need to finish my Voyager rewatch, so I can go back an watch Enterprise again. The one thing that annoyed me in Enterprise was the rapid adoption of the time travel crutch. I’m scared DISCO might go that way too, as soon as they said ‘tachyons’

  2. It would be nice to get through a series, even if it’s just this season without time travel. I sense though, the mention of tachyons is setting us up.

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