9 Dec 2018

Inspired by Gary Lum’s weekly post I thought I would start writing down what I’ve been up to, when I’m not travelling, other than work. 

What photos have I taken?

I haven’t been out with my camera this week, but I do enjoy the Canberra sunsets during my evening constitutional #teamPixel

What have I been watching?

I finished  She-Ra on Netflix early this week. The first season is only 13 episodes, so it didn’t take too long. It’s good. Better than average, and extremely watchable. I cared more about the characters by the end of it than most of the remaining characters in The Walking Dead, except Michonne. 

Danai Gurira Twd GIF by The Walking Dead - Find & Share on GIPHY

There was a bit of an uptick partway through the most recent season of TWD, but it started to fall off a cliff, again. 

I opened Amazon Prime Video on my TV and found they had The Night Manager.  Mum had recommended I watch this ages ago, she’d even tried to give my standard-definition DVDs, but SD makes my eyes bleed.

It was one of the best things I have watched in the last year. A concise British thriller with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie in dramatic roles, with correct accents. Highly recommended.

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I’m still enjoying The Rookie. It falls into the category of ‘not Better Call Saul, or Breaking Bad, or Mr Robot, but enjoyable.’

I haven’t watched much Community this week, my usual before bed viewing to wind down. I’ve reached season 5, and it is not as strong as the first seasons. The first 3 or so seasons are some of the greatest comedy TV ever made, ever. But I think I am the target audience. 

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While the cricket was delayed in Adelaide for some reason I watched The Post. It was fine. Not the best movie, Spotlight as a movie in a newspaper office is better, but it was worth a stream, not a buy.

What have I been listening to?

I haven’t come across much new music recently, but one of my favourite local bands was interviewed on Canberra Metal Heads, Escape Syndrome.

I finished the 4 episode series on ultra endurance cycling on The Cycling Podcast. They had a fantastic series of interviews including on with Rupert Guinness on the Indian Pacific Wheel Race.

What have I been playing?

Last weekend a few friends came over and we did our best to remain on speaking terms while playing Mario Kart on the Switch. We also completed 2 or 3 worlds in Kirby Star Allies. It was fun. A co-op game where we all had to work together to complete the levels. Super Smash Bros. arrived on Friday but I haven’t started it yet.

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I’m still Pokemon Go-ing. I drove out last night across Canberra looking for a cubone. It took two lures and walking in circles for a while, but I managed to find one 🙂

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My current favourite mobile game is holedown. I’m still chasing the bottom of the black hole. 

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