After our tour of CERN, Mum and I headed back into Geneva for some lunch, and to look around.

We caught the tram back towards the central station, but stayed on it longer, going into the main shopping area. I used my phone to find a Coop Restaurant – a relatively cheap, self-service, decent place for lunch. After refueling and using the facilities we went for a walk through the city, looking in shops at things we couldn’t afford.

We headed back to where the Rhone meets the lake and found a city tour train bus thing. We took our seats, and the driver set the language on the speakers for the narration to English for us.

The tour took us through the old town, and then took a shortcut straight through a park. A kid and his father were skating through the park, and they hitched a ride on the back of the bus train thing, get a bit of respite in the heat of the day.


After the tour had completed we headed back to the station. We grabbed some reasonably priced snacks and found a train heading back to Lausanne.


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